Waiting for Silverbird

Danielle Hamilton is an extraordinary dancer. She is beautiful, talented and ambitious. She has only one problem … she is unemployed.
Steve Savage is a retired dancer who has choreographed a show. For this show he didn’t just set his imagination free, he let it take a flying leap. As such the show calls for an extraordinary dancer. He has only one problem … in his opinion, no dancer can do the show justice.
When Danielle and Steve meet it’s a match made in heaven. Or is it? Danielle and Steve have met before.
The first time when Danielle was 8 years old and she was the cause of a horrific accident that ended Steve’s dancing career.
The second time when she was 21 and another accident ended Steve’s managing career. When Danielle’s sister Laura, comes to know of this history she becomes highly suspicious of Steve’s motives to help Danielle.
Is he going to help her, or is he about to take revenge?