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Depression Due To Cough Drops

An uncommon side effect

I’ve been under the weather for the past ten days or so. Nothing the Covid-19 virus mind you, just a cold. I’m not one for running to the doctor whenever I get the sniffles, so I decided to just take it easy for a couple of days.

First, it was just a runny nose, but before long I started coughing. If the runny nose was annoying, the coughing drove me up the wall. During the day I was more or less quiet, but first thing in the morning and late at night I was plagued with one coughing fit after another.

To combat this cold, I stocked up on Aspirin, vitamin C, and a cough mixture. After a few days, I felt marginally better, but the cough stayed. So, I added cough drops to my cold-fighting arsenal. And they helped, the drops eased my cough within seconds.

After a day or two, I started feeling worse. Physically, I was improving, but mentally I was sinking into a dark pit. I didn’t feel like writing, I didn’t feel like reading, I didn’t care about what was on TV, and my hobbies remained untouched.

Now, this was very unlike me. I’m not the kind who gets depressed. I might have a blue day here and there, but in general, I’m usually in high spirits and if something gets me down, I bounce back in no time. I’m too busy to get depressed. So why was I suddenly feeling so out of sorts? Then it hit me, the cough drops.

Quite a few years ago I was also battling a nasty cough and along with a cough mixture, bought a packet of cough drops. They worked like a charm, but oh dear, after a day or two I was so depressed I didn’t care about anyone or anything anymore. In fact, when I went to work and my boss bothered me for the umpteenth time, I gladly would have told him where to go and where to stick his latest assignment. It would have gotten me fired, but I just didn’t care. Fortunately, it didn’t get that far. He could see that I wasn’t well and send me home.

The experience with the cough drops stayed with me though and when it happened again a year later, I knew to steer clear of those particular drops. When I researched the side effects of the cough drops, none were listed, but I know for a fact that my sudden depression was due to those drops.

Now the experience was repeated. Even though it used a different brand of cough drops, I once again felt like nothing interested me anymore. What’s more, I lost my appetite and my blood pressure dropped. This too I researched online and found that menthol, the most common ingredient in cough drops can reduce blood pressure and appetite. Well, that took care of that, I wasn’t taking those cough drops anymore. In less than twenty-four hours I felt marginally better. I’m still taking the cough mixture, but the cough drops were tossed in the bin.

Not everyone experiences the side effects of these cough drops, but it would seem that I am one of the few who does.

Pop-up clinics for the Covid-19 vaccine

Lambs being led to the slaughter?

In order to contain the Covid-19 virus in Ontario, Canada, the government issued a number of restrictions. One of them being that social gatherings were not permitted.

“What is permitted (O. Reg. 82/20)

  • Indoor & outdoor organized events and social gatherings are not permitted, except with members of the same household.

COVID-19 Guidance: Indoor & Outdoor Events – City of Toronto

Yet look at the picture … thousands of people are gathered to receive their Covid-19 vaccine. This is just one pop-up clinic, but there are more, a lot more.

Ever since the outbreak of the pandemic, companies and organizations had to close allowing their employees to work from home. Stores had to close, restaurants and bars had to close, sports centra had to close, everything went into lockdown. As a result, numerous businesses went bankrupt or suffered major losses.

As for the general population. Some refused to go into their workplace, commanding others to pick up work-related items. Those who did occasionally go to their workplace refused to share an elevator with another person. Others, on their way to the grocery store, made a wide berth around others they encountered.

Yet suddenly everything has changed. Those who refused to go to work for fear of infection have no fear of standing in line with thousands of others to receive their vaccine. How many of them are already carriers and will infect others? Any number of them will go home, infect their spouse and children, and a number of others they will come into contact with. Those in turn will infect more people.

Those vaccinated will infect others because it has been made public that one can get infected shortly before or shortly after getting the vaccine. If infected, the person will not be aware of it because he will show no symptoms.

Despite the distribution of the various vaccines, the number of infections is going up. In Ontario, the number stubbornly remains around 4,000 per day. Belgium was down to 1,670 on April 27 but two days later is up again to 3,925.

While various vaccines are available, Canada favors the Astra Zeneca vaccine, a vaccine banned in Denmark.

Denmark becomes first country in Europe to ditch AstraZeneca vaccine | Thaiger (thethaiger.com)

How is Denmark doing? To date they only have 245,000 cases – 238,000 recovered and only 2,481 died.

How many people will die of the Covid-19 vaccine? We already know that the vaccine can cause blood clots. Just how many will develop this condition nobody knows because those numbers will not be disclosed. The authorities will want to avoid a panic.

The manufacturers of the vaccines openly state that the vaccine can cause problems, but they sush their conscience with the statement … we save more lives than what we take.

Really, and other than blood clots, what other conditions will the vaccine cause? Cancer, osteoporosis, infertility? What if a record of people suddenly find themselves unable to get pregnant? And if they do, how will babies be born normal, deformed or stillborn?

For those who die it will be said that they died of the virus, or that those people had a heart condition, had asthma, were cancer patients, or diabetics. Anything will do.

What strikes me as odd is that first it was announced that only adults could get the Covid-19 virus. Young people were safe. Then a teenager got the virus and the powers that be had to revise their statement, young people could get the virus but children under the age of 10 were safe. Now they’ve revised that statement too. Can they make up their minds?

It seems to me that they are grasping in the dark and if they are not sure about this, what else are they confused about or worse, hushing up.

What about all those people lining up for the Covid-19 vaccine? Are they lambs being led to the slaughter?