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Jeff Bezos Waste of $5.5 Billion

It’s safe to say that the world is in a financial crisis. Due to the pandemic and the subsequent lockdown, businesses are closing, people are losing their jobs and with it their homes, their savings, their possessions. And what does Jeff Bezos do … in this time of extreme financial distress he goes and blows […]

I Nearly Peed in My Pants

People often wonder if it’s possible that one gets such a fright that the shock brings on a heart attack. After what I experienced yesterday, I would say yes. What I faced gave me such a shock my heart jumped into my throat, my heart rate jumped from 75 beats a minute to … I […]

The Adoption of Jasper

Adopt and save a life Exactly one week ago we adopted a kitten from the Toronto Cat Rescue. I had seen the kitten online and although he wasn’t quite what I was looking for I agreed to a meet and greet. In a way, I was afraid of meeting the kitten because I knew that […]

To Vaccinate or Not to Vaccinate

Leave us our freedom to decide for ourselves Earlier today I posted the following message on a popular social media site: I’m getting so sick and tired of people bragging ‘I got vaccinated’. Well good for you, what do you want, a medal? I DID NOT get vaccinated because I don’t play Russian roulette with […]


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