Gentlemen, this one’s for you

Wonder no more what women want

Recently I came across a story by Sean Kernan entitled ‘I still don’t understand women’s taste in men’.

Poor Sean, the guy has been around the block a few times and I can’t blame him for being confused. He’s looking for a nice lady, he’s turned to women to make him understand women, but he still can’t figure them out.

He should have come to me, I could have helped him out in under 60 seconds. If he had asked me what do women want I would have told him … money.

Ladies everywhere will shake their heads vehemently, stating “That’s not true. Not me, I don’t care about money.” And I’m sure that’s true, some women do care about the man more than his bank account, but let’s look at things in general.

Let’s put it to the test.

Let’s say that we put Sean in this beautiful Lamborghini and have him rolling up to a club. I am quite sure that women will fall over themselves to be with him.

Photo by Justus Menke on

Let’s say that he takes a lady shopping, pauses in front of Tiffany’s and says “See anything you like? If you fancy that ring I’ll get it for you.”

Do you think she’s going to let go of him? A guy who drives a Lamborghini and places a four-carat diamond on her finger … you better believe it that she’s going to hang on for dear life.

I don’t know what Sean does for a living, but let’s say that we create a profile online for him and instead of telling the truth we’re going to lie through our teeth.

As a profile picture, we’re going to have him standing next to his beautiful Lamborghini, in front of a mansion, preferably in an Armani suit and sporting a Rolex wristwatch, and we’re going to say that his profession is a neurosurgeon. My guess is that his profile will get flooded with responses.

Why else do you think young women shack up with older men? For their looks? For their great personality? No, for their money. Take their millions away and the women will disappear like snow of the 4th of July.

Still not convinced? Why do you think women ask men what they do for a living while on a date? Do you think they care about your profession? Not at all, they want to know how much money they’re making. Say that you’re any kind of doctor, lawyer, engineer, or architect and you’ll see the light go on in their eyes. Say that you’re a dishwasher, work for a burger joint, or shop assistant and that light will dim significantly. Say that you’re only doing this job to put yourself through university, while you’re studying medicine, law, engineering, or architecture and there you go, there’s that light again.

If you’re thinking that I don’t have a high opinion of women, you’re right, I don’t. I’ve seen far too many women giving men the cold shoulder because they have the wrong profession. Or worse, the men don’t even try because they consider the woman out of their league.

How many perfectly good men are out there, who no woman wants because they think they’re not good enough for them?

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