All lives matter, don’t they?

Following the guilty verdict of Derek Chauvin, the blacks have taken to the streets to celebrate.

One quote read:

In a celebratory burst at a gathering of Black Lives Matter supporters in Union Square, about 500 people throughout the park shouted: “Guilty! Guilty! Guilty!” Cars honked as they passed the crowd screaming “Oh my God!” and “Black Lives Matter!”

Another read:

Asia Townsend, 58, a nurse who works at Mt. Sinai Hospital, desperately tried to find relatives on her phone to share the news.

If there had been a not guilty verdict no doubt there would have been a riot to end all riots. After all, Maxine Waters had urged them to do so.

Is rioting in blacks’ nature? Just Google black riots and look at the pictures. Have you ever seen any other race causing such mayhem, violence, and destruction?

I knew right from the start that the verdict would have been guilty. No jury would have dared to find him not guilty.

I am not a racist, but what about white justice? How many men, women and children have died at the hands of the blacks?
How many women have been raped by blacks?
How many people have been turned into junkies or have died of an overdose of drugs provided by blacks?
Where is there justice?

Black lives matter, the blacks scream. What exactly does that mean? Does it mean that white lives don’t matter? That yellow, brown and red lives don’t matter? Do only black lives matter? Why can’t they say “All lives matter.”

When a white cop shoots a white kid, nobody cares.
When a black cop shoots a black kid, nobody cares.
When a black cop shoots a white kid, still no reaction.
But when a white cop shoots a black kid … OMG all hell breaks loose.

I am sick and tired of hearing about the poor blacks. Poor?

According to research, there are seven black billionaires in the United States, Ophray Winfrey is one of them with $2.6 billion. Michael Jordan is another with $2.1 billion   

Other blacks might not be billionaires, but there are plenty of black millionaires.

Tiger Woods             $800 million

Mariah Carey            $520 million

Shaquille O’Neal       $400 million

Beyonce                   $400 million

Denzel Washington   $255 million

Morgan Freeman       $250 million

Spike Lee                  $50 million

Barack Obama          $40 million

These are just a few black people who have done very well for themselves. Then there are those who are not exactly millionaires but still make a nice living.

Stating that black don’t have the same opportunities as white folks is a bunch of baloney. There are black lawyers, black stockbrokers, black doctors, black senators, and as we all know, even a black president. So why all the drama?

‘Power to the people’ one black woman screamed at Times Square. Make that power to the blacks.

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